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  1. Dex

    I feel happy and crappy and gaye!!!

  2. DawnSkinner

    I thought I liked my internet
    (It’s often pretty fast)
    But then (upon my birthday)
    The connection would not last!

    I was in the Ruby Sanctum
    Healing up the tank
    Then found I was Air Walking
    And “online” light was blank

    So I rang up my supplier
    (The Indian accent’s thick)
    Who’s cheek to “check my wire”
    Went down like a brick

    Then the blinking light came on
    Hullah! Huzzar! Hullay!
    But then I knew ’twas something wrong
    I’d been kicked from the raid…

    This went on all evening
    Violet Hold went well
    But when the boss was gleaming
    My connection went to hell

    Another half an hour’s
    Waiting on the line
    “Phone back in 2 hours
    Our helpdesk is offline”

    I turned to Terry Pratchett
    (The book, what do you think!)
    Took my anger down a ratchet
    For it was on the brink

    And soon I was a-smiling
    And light came back, oh joy!
    “Yes” to RS10 I’m typing
    But it’s only fate’s bad ploy

    Time to give it up, I thought
    As hour is getting late
    Work is hard, I’m overwrought
    Too much on my plate!!

    Still again this morning
    The connection isn’t there
    Suspicious thoughts are dawning
    I sink into despair

    But oh, I find this evening
    They failed to kill the boss
    And secretly I’m gleaming
    Those wipes were not a loss…

    So Virgin, if you’re listening
    Please bring your service back
    “Fast” loses all it’s glistening
    When your lines are crap

    And now my bed is calling
    So I’ll wish you all adieu
    This poetry’s appalling
    So read it, why, did you?

    (you asked for a totally justified rant … and got it … heh heh heh …)


    So there I was in Dalaran City;
    The town of mages, looking ever so pretty.
    Hey, why not make a raid, a pug;
    It can’t be THAT bad,
    ” I thought with a smug

    Link achievement” I said. “Your skillscore and class
    “LULWUT,” some replied. “INV ME PLOX I’M VERY BADASS!”
    Kingslayers and alts, the raid quickly was full
    After a whole hour of waiting, how very dull.

    To the Trial of the Crusader we went, 25 man
    Now listen up,” I said. “This is the plan:
    People listened, but did I make my point?
    This is a complete run; it’s why you joined!

    “I’m not DPS,” a shaman cried. “I want to heal.”
    You told me you were dps. Is this for real?!
    “Let’s start the fight,” the impatient people said.
    Oh, forming this pug, I already regret.

    The first encounter we downed; twas easy to boot.
    But then started the issues, with handing out loot.
    “I hate you all; I’m out if you don’t give me that!”
    And so he left, the very first twat.

    The second encounter, Jaraxxus, was quick.
    “HA! I got the weekly done!” said the prick.
    Five people left, chaos began.
    “This is the raidleader’s fault,” cried one man.

    “I don’t have time for more,” a mage said.
    “I too joined for the weekly!” Then he ported and fled.
    “Stupid retards,” the raid argued in vain.
    Alas, why do pugs have to be so lame?

    “Ha, I force a D/c,” said a tank.
    No need to give up; This instance we can spank.”
    I calmed them down, set aside the shame.
    For surely, the leavers are to blame!

    The faction encounter began, boldly we fought;
    Against the scripted might of the NPC Horde.
    Target the healers! Don’t split DPS!
    “I’ll force a D/C!” thought a warlock and left.

    Everyone res, now on to the twins.
    Bold words, but now the real mess begins.
    “You stupid hunters, why did you MD me?”
    Two DPS cried, simultaneously.

    “I thought you were the new tank,” a hunter excused.
    “Fuck you all, I’m leaving you noobs!”
    Of our twenty-five man, sixteen had chosen to stay.
    Including a tank, now pretending to be away.

    “I’ll leave,” the best healer said. “But good luck.”
    Raid is over then,” I sighed. “Who gives a phuck.”
    Now whispers were flooding, insults of course.

    Moans and whines, but what could I have done?
    I know, a raid with leavers, is hardly any fun.
    Not my fault though, but a lesson well learned.
    Never lead a raid; in hope of a drop I yearned.

    The sad part is, that this is all completely true… >_<

  4. Dex

    i was in a fearsome duel with a friend and i lagged and lost *cry* (actually i lost because i couldn’t win..but he doesn’t have to know that)

  5. DawnSkinner

    To Erthold of Frostmane – a Haiku

    So you thought it was
    Acceptable to leave us
    To die on a boss?

    (He did, we didn’t)

  6. Tristran

    I lol’d at the “dark poems”
    pugs ftl.

  7. Oxymoron

    One fine day in the middle of the night,
    Two dead boys got up to fight,
    Back to back they faced each other,
    Drew their swords and shot each other,

    One was blind and the other couldn’t see,
    So they chose a dummy for a referee.
    A blind man went to see fair play,
    A dumb man went to shout “hooray!”
    A paralysed donkey passing by,
    Kicked the blind man in the eye,
    Knocked him through a nine inch wall,
    Into a dry ditch and drowned them all,

    A deaf policeman heard the noise,
    And came to arrest the two dead boys,
    If you don’t believe this story’s true,
    Ask the blind man; he saw it too!

  8. Dawnskinner

    Sometimes in RL
    I am crying, my heart is breaking
    Together we will no more play
    Anilmaldor and co in statis
    It’s separate WoW in the USA

    Yes there’s Skype so I can see you
    But I’ll miss your morning hugs
    Miss you playing on your x-box
    While I’m running random PuGs

    As for WoW, well, I’ll keep playing
    Distract me daily from the loss
    Concentrate 1, 2, 2, 4, 5
    Defer my feelings, kill the boss

    So mothers note it’s not for ever
    Sometimes it’s best to let them go
    Yes it hurts, and you will feel it
    But they will love you, even so…

    Yep, that char powning you in the DPS* may not only BE someone’s mum, but an UPSET someone’s mum…

    All my love J (he reads this too).

    *well, not on this char – she’s only there to herb & skin, and runs PuGs to level up, is spec’d marksman but geared for Survival & BM LOL

  9. Dex

    Your damage is low
    though the others do not see
    yet you roll so much!

  10. Kick

    It was a shocker,
    A real surprise you’ll see.
    when I found my best mate’s girlfriend,
    was a man called Lee!

  11. Anonymous

    lots of horde were at the exodar it was like 70 of them and orc want tduel me

  12. Anonymous

    i was a night elf and an orc want to duel me lol

  13. ze Drunk Dwarf

    i ran out of ale, will any ye’ be kind onouf te get sum more fer meh?

  14. StrangeDerangedDementedSyco

    In a dungeon,
    Doing so well.
    Last boss to go,
    We started the attack.
    Clock stuck 12,
    I forgot that it was a Monday,
    But hey I was enjoying it.
    Parental controls can on,
    And I was kicked off.
    Now everyone in guild hates me,
    As they all died.

  15. StrangeDerangedDementedSyco

    Soz, two spelling/ grammer mistakes are in it. It’s ‘came on’ not can on (9th line) and second to last line it’s Now everyone in ‘the’ guild hates me. It’s not meant to rhyme. Hope it’s an alright standard compared to the others. It is true aswell.

  16. Hale

    Once in a inn
    I tried my best
    Avoid the tin
    But then it blew
    For nothing there was
    But something I do

    A worgen rogue
    Screamed and screamed
    At my best friend
    Angsty it seemed
    He redeemed

    In anger I shout
    He was not right
    I said stout
    The worgen rogue
    Whined and whined
    In crysis I wear my brogue
    How divine

    He called me an idiot
    I wanted to slap
    I debit

    The player moaned
    Didn’t want to stop
    Then I roamed
    Across the top

    My friend didn’t grin
    He frowned
    In ill

    I wanted to go
    But I could not
    Left him aside

    But I’m reported
    I reported that player
    I wanted to be comforted

    But that fight is in my mind
    Cruel it wasn’t
    On my own rhyme


    Spamming bots who spam.
    Spam is so irritating.
    Stop spamming. NA-O!

    / haiku

  18. C.J.L

    Yay the Emoooooooo corners back. <3


    Remember to express yourself with a poem.
    Otherwise we will send a Gnoem.
    To haunt you.
    And taunt you.
    And fill your boots with foam.


    Cursed onions!

    Old one from Faceroll. I wonder if the sad cow deserves his own brief intermission in the comics. Nah.

  21. CJ

    Last Raid Night

    I organised a raid to-day.
    Cos I thought it be ea-sy
    Got some randomers to join
    They thought they would get them some coins

    Some said “this should be fun”
    The others thought it be a pun.
    First it went all ok
    But then some idiots said “yeah hey
    I just wanted a daily,
    But now I’m gonna go…”
    Oh no, now the healer said, she’ll be back in a mo…

    Why did I think it be easy…

    Mages running in dismay,
    Hunters being really gay,
    The Healers gone… A-F-K!

    Oh god, it got worst…

    Fires falling to the earth,
    The palas gone using a hearth,
    Mobs are using… poly-morph

    But it went on …
    Just to get worse…
    But it went on …
    Just to get worse

    The healer didn’t return
    And we were really feelin the burn
    Dwarfs are drinkin ginger ale
    This raid’s become an epic fail

    Why did I think it be easy…

    Mages running in dismay,
    Hunters being really gay,
    The Healers gone… A-F-K!

    Oh god, it got worst…

    Fires falling to the earth,
    The palas gone using a hearth,
    Mobs are using… poly-morph

    But it went… on
    Just to get worse…
    But it went… on
    Just to get worse
    And we all died…
    And I /cry’ed

  22. Drakan

    I know I should be sleepin’
    Instead I’m softly weepin’
    As I see the treasure droppin’
    An’ loot whores they’re not stoppin’
    To think what they are doin’
    So many now are ruein’
    They start off by complainin’
    Then they stop their gamin’
    So with who will whores be playin’
    When everybody’s sayin’

    “If you won’t play nice, I won’t play at all”

  23. Drakan

    The above fortunately hasn’t happened to me, but sums up some of the zeitgeist on the forums of late. Too many taking loot they don’t need. To many finding the community spirit gone downhill and leaving the game completely as a result. People who fail in remembering there are other people who sit behind the other 24 keyboards. People who fail at the game of getting along with other people – something employers often seek and then undermine by taking more of the loot for themselves. *end of social media commentary*


    I wonder if the next MMO that Blizzard has in store, will follow the same trend.

  25. Drakan

    World of Workcraft, perchance?

  26. Drakan

    *Posts link separately for moderation*

  27. Frostsaben

    Wow, can’t belive I missed all the poems here for 2 years!

    Ok, let me think of something…
    The Teldrassil stands high and strong
    But it won’t be for so long
    For it’s actually a stump
    From which night elves throw their dump.

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