Sad Panda.

With the conclusion of the latest arc, a few intermissions and a change of pace will occur. Emoo usually hangs out in his sad corner, but today he has a few disturbing thoughts about the expansion that he wants to share.

I’m gearing up for the next arc, whatever that might be. Any preferences? No?

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  1. Drakan

    One of the fun quest lines of Cata was the Uldum ones with Mr Jones. However, there was a lesser known series of films released at a similar time to the Temple of Doom et al … Romancing the Stone…

    Just a thought.

  2. Blinky

    lol nice one

  3. GrifPL

    Dear god ! I missed this Tauren ! 😀

  4. Ceric

    Suggestion for the next arc.
    Raid and Dungeon Bosses, especially less relevant ones, journeying around Azeroth/Outlands trying to catch the very best Critters to make a gym trying to cement there relevance within the lore.


    Next arc can’t be too long either, it’s holiday season soon. : / Feels like yesterday we had the Cataclysmas Carol.

    … Panda Claus, heh …

  6. Frostsaben

    Poor Emoo! But if he lets them into the wild, what if they die or get eaten by wild animals?

    Ok, about next arc… how about… 3-4 pages of Haloween special with the leaders of Azeroth playable races all meeting, Wrynn is already Batman.

    Or you could have… goblins and gnomes planning world domination and both failing because of eachother.

  7. Frostsaben

    Garrosh could be the Joker! Now that would be something, to see his face painted like that!

  8. Volucris

    Hahaha this is so cute and awesome!!!! Perhaps the emoo could learn capoeira from the trolls and fight back!!


    He might be too busy crying in a corner : P

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