Forever a gnome.

Friday’s comic is up. On a wednesday. Ah, the conclusion of another arc. I suddenly realized this would imply new shennanigans and perhaps the return of older characters. And perhaps a few intermissions before the next proper arc.

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  1. GrifPL

    Bad ending for Blinky. 🙁

  2. :p

    seems like they axe-dentaly queued up…
    looks like he’s forever a-gnome 😉

    also: damned shaman… should’ve allowed to allowed W. Arlock to burn down Stormwind…


    Bat King would surely have intervened.

  4. GrifPL

    Gnomes is don’t understand, is likes a emo. 🙁 Dear Blinky i hope that we find arena team and earn 2K Ratting. 🙂

  5. GrifPL

    By the way…

    Varian is a noob in the Roleplay. <_<


    However, the resemblance between Wrynn and Wayne is striking. Note the W’s.

  7. ExPaladin

    I see “leave queue” isn’t an option for Blinky. >:)

  8. GrifPL

    All that need to see… Garrosh is a WoW Hulk Incredible. 😀

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