Bohemian Blasphemy.

Is this the real team?
Is this just blasphemy?
Roleplaying scheme.
No escape from insanity.

… I bet that would be their mantra. Anyway, the interest in the Blizzcon stream and concurring VODS lasted a bit longer than anticipated. But pandas and pokemon, as the ongoing debates have dubbed the next expansion, did not really trigger my interest. It’s too early to decide whether or not I like it, whether or not I will try it, but I can at least say that the announcement did not have the initial “whoa” impact of the previous expansions.

Not that there are that many MMO alternatives out there I’d consider playing, however.

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  1. Catadin

    oh… i did not see that coming… brilliant…!

  2. GrifPL

    I think, that will be a chaos in Stormwind. 😀

  3. ExPaladin

    I did NOT see that coming! XD

  4. Anonymous


  5. Blinky

    r we gonna get an extra update? or are peeps still angry that blizz is playing around with little known lore, advancing story lines, creating a new play style, and adding a new race AND class in the next expansion? cuz frankly im ecstatic

  6. Cromdale

    Close shut those eyes,
    Or be /surprised, I C….

    To be honest, I think there’s nothing wrong with having a “fun” expansion. The last three have been based on serious story telling, trial&error game tweeking with major advances in the game’s mechanics. This one can allow players to chill a little, simply enjoy content and perhaps find other aspects of the game to be interested in.

    Not that there’s any hope that the majority of players will do that

    (Then again, on the basis of there being 5 expansions, #4 can simply be considered paving the way for the last.)

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