Red alert.

Hmm, I spent a bit of time fiddling with the final panels, which took far longer time than usual. Quite a bit was deleted, and I’m not really happy about today’s result; which is probably a shared privilege.

As far as sharing goes, there is something else I want to share, if you like reading odd rants:

It’s a website within a website! A blog in development more likely, and it’s not gonna be updated that often. But I wanted to share an experience I had – or well, an experience I am still undergoing. It’s about unemployment, so it’s not really tied to WoW. (I’m trying not to generalise here!). Be sure to read the disclaimer as  it’s PG-13 material.

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  1. interceptingshadows

    Dont worry Varien, you havent developed a roleplaying sense, your trusty userper sense is just detecting someone roleplaying as your long lost older brother and true heir to the throne. He’s probably having an intimate discussion with the queen of the universe over whos right it is to sit on the throne.

  2. Blinky

    roleplaying sense… tingling….

  3. Blinky

    read the link that arena posted and ull get my next comment…

    SEX!I SAID SEX! i like men and women….
    ^- MADE MY DAY

  4. Dallanna

    And here I was hoping this was going to be a Command and Conquer reference comic. I am disappoint.


    @ Dallanna | Hmm, in an alternate timeline it would be!
    @ Blinky | Hehe, everything actually happened as transcribed. I’ll have the description of Day 2 scribbled down soon.

  6. :p

    hmm… britzy should comein and kick him back to sense…

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