It happens to the undead more often than they would admit.

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  1. :p

    either the elf’ll go super-saiyan….
    or she’s going emo and will cut herself…
    either way it’s fun :p

  2. creepy guy in the corner

    lol U MAD GNO’?

  3. Moloch

    aww… poor nelf girl… i think she’ll enrage and/or cut her wrists

  4. Blinky

    hehe i like the mad gno. also arena i still wanna know wtf a meme is!!!! someone tell me!!!! im pronouncing it meemee too which sounds kinda weird

  5. Rettbull

    a meme (meemee is correctly pronounced) is a internet catchphrase phenomenon (usually associated with a certain set of cartoons/smileys.

    http://www.memebase.com is one of the most famous 😉
    have fun!

    I don’t know why, but I think Lock wants to fight… and it’ll somehow affect his Arena rating 😉

  6. Kaladrian

    By the secound panel i can say she will probably enrage.
    Well, at least the male elf gets a secound oportunity, no?

    And we can sat that the ‘lock’s jaw is locked 😛

  7. GrifPL

    W.Arlock want say to Shaman. “Just shut up” ? 😀

  8. Alixgirl

    ROFLMAO “jaw’schtuck.” Priceless I tell you… XD

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