… warlock-less years.

Comic’s finally here, albeit a bit delayed. Friday’s comic might be a bit delayed as well, but hope I can have it up in time. Thanks for the patience, those of you not yet suffering from abstinences. 🙂

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  1. Alixgirl

    OMG! A wedding!? WOOT!

  2. Blinky


  3. Kaladrian

    And that what happens when you can’t keep IC xD
    This two may be from AD europe 😛

  4. GrifPL

    Okay really this is a patology ! Weeding ?! :O

  5. :p

    Alright guys… time for some fires… hehehehe :3
    hope the “wedding” will take place in the ruins of stormwind… hehehehe

  6. Frostsaben

    Ohhh… the nelf dude will go berserk now, he wanted to marry her and he stood there roleplaying edward and now this warlock comes and she wants to marry him.

    and… *fight*

  7. interceptingshadows

    Why does he look so concerned? she only has a tiny case of the crazies..alright maybe a big old crate load of crazies. a warehouse of crazy crates.

    yeah on second thought loyalty to your cult is one thing but he really ought to be running.

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