Blinky’s Run.

One big happy reunion. Axedentally we might have spent our entire special effects budget.

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  1. Blinky

    wat was that an ice lance that froze the bastard? and wats with W. Arlock looking like he mistakenly found sambas and wanted to switch to his hunter :S

  2. :P

    Nah, it wasn’t an icelance that froze it… it was an icelance that killed it…
    Finally that town’s gonna… oh wait.. it’s burning already :3

    GO BURN THE SEA!!!! 😀 😀 😀

  3. C.J.L

    Go blinky! He killed that dragon too easily.

  4. Sappermentti

    Seems like Blinky misplaced his shoes while fighting the dragon, ah well, those things only get in the way of things anyhow 😛

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