It’s that time of the summer, that time where the heat drains your energy, where procrastination turns into excess sleep and Steam has new time-consuming games on sale. Fortunately it’s also that time of the arc, that time where revelations happen and the plot speeds up until the less than epic conclusion. I will aim to have another comic ready on thursday, as well as the usual comic for friday. Stay tuned, twinked, tweaked or twilight  twerrific!

Have you heard about the current Diablo III revelation about the auction house? Being able to buy items with your hard earned money, from the reality in which we supposedly dwell. Personally I might not play Diablo III, but I still find the discussion interesting. Some valid points, some pros and cons arguing about the implementation. Vanity pets and mounts aside, would you buy items and gear in World of Warcraft with regular money, if you had the chance?