So there is probably some scientific explanation as to why players are not allowed to attack members of their own faction, outside the odd duel or PvP shennanigans. Think of the vast opportunities, think of the endless brawls and wipes if you accidentally pressed your AoE button in a capital city.

I’ve given the website the overhaul that was long overdue, updated wordpress and comicpress alike to the latest versions, but am still not quite content. A logo would be nice, as well as sorting out all the other bugs. I widened the comic a bit, and might keep it this way. πŸ™‚ Say, we could remake all the old comics! Instead of new arcs, it would be revamped versions of the old stories. Same jokes, but just wider. WIDER! No? Back to the drawing boardΒ table with the computer, then.

One final thing; there will be a server maintenance (not another site maintenance) sunday to monday, which is done by the company hosting this website. Some downtime or unstability may occur in that period.

One final final thing; I will be poking around the code in the next few days, attempting to do odd things. Expect weird results.

One final final final thing: IT’S SUMMER HOLIDAYS!