First wall. Second wall. Third wall. Fourth…

Thanks for being patient 🙂 Am being flooded with work these days.  Comics may suffer from a small delay in upload hours, as they do from time to time,  but I’ll strive to have them up monday and friday as always. Gonna get around to making a batch in advance this weekend.

Anyway, enough with the weak excuses and the whining. Have a nice weekend all. 🙂

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  1. Ghostsword, Ayatollah of Kaja-Kola

    breaking the fourth wall…. you will get them so…


  2. Neokyag

    Best gag in some time, with the Dumbledore line xD

  3. Hrist

    What is the fourth wall anyway? Can you eat it? 😛


    It’s made of rainbows.

  5. Ghostsword, Ayatollah of Kaja-Kola

    and tears. rainbows and tears.

  6. Henry

    Take that, you immersion-breaking bastard guards! Eat newly-conjured miniature sun!
    – Gavon

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