Always blame the tuxedo.

Updated Modelviewer now, polygon count should approach normal ; )

Thanks for the patience, and I hope you all survived the first of april.

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  1. Ghostsword, Ayatollah of Kaja-Kola

    muhahaha i knew they would come back and looks blinky. its blinky 🙂

    but there is just one thing arena that you did so wrong.
    Bubble O seven is a paladin secret agent. yet he works for SI:7 and SI:7 only got rouge operatives. so care 2 tell us. it has been bugging me since the start

    P.S ALL HAIL CRABBY and join the front of returning crabby 2 WoW for real!


    Movies don’t have to be realistic, sheesh 😛

  3. Kaladrian

    The undead, the dwarf guard, the blinky, the shaman orc… Hell, all the comic made me…
    ROFLOLOMG need the breath 😀

  4. Kaladrian

    BTW have you noticed the middle guard seems is… floating?
    Like is holding the other 2 and they are dragging him.

  5. HIYA

    Could someone kill the crab? Good panel though.

  6. Blinky


    its kinda like deathwing but with more gnomes and killing >:D

  7. Blinky

    he was in an unfortunate accident occured between his axe and his sword(inuendo)…
    it ended with lower body amputation. then they attached him to his buddies when the comic happened 😀

  8. ghostsword, ayatollah of kaja-kola

    @HIYA nobody can kill crabby. because its Crabby the dungeon helper!

  9. Gargoyle200

    :O Ironforge has a cinema??

  10. Hrist

    Well, when the battlemasters became useless they ended up with a very big room for a whole lot of nothing. Finding out when they air the good stuff, that’s the tricky part.

  11. kwah

    I’m with the undead i didn’t really like the bubble o 7 comics like your other work tho

  12. Cromdale

    Nice to see this gang again. 🙂

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