Practice makes perfect.

Merry Cataclysmas everyone! Let thy hearts be filled with joy, and thy inventory be filled with epics! There may or may not be _one_ comic up next week, but otherwise we shall return to normal update ratios in january. Have a great time!

(And as for any lore inconsistencies, consider it artistic liberties) 😀

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  1. Blinky

    practice lol. once again you have topped yourself in every possible way. keep it up and i may have to buy a special pair of super absorbant pants for whenever you update xD

  2. B.O.B

    Is she the assassin? And is he in love with her? Im confused!?!

  3. Anonymous

    She was a friend to Llane and was around the palace a bit, I imagine. It’s not a big stretch to say she was a friend to Varian as well.
    She was also under a curse that forced her to kill Llane when commanded. It’s no stretch either to say Varian had a hard time dealing with that.

    On another note, great job with the comics

  4. :p

    Merry Christmas!
    As awesome as always 😀

  5. Blankschøn

    Pratice xD

  6. looloo

    in the 5th panel, who is that guy who said garona? varian when he was younger or llane?

  7. :p

    @looloo Varian, he said “……me” about it

  8. Ghostsword, Ayatollah of Kaja-Kola

    practice makes perfect. well done varian.

  9. Catadin

    Garona <3

  10. Gargoyle200

    So sad she had to kill Llane… But she’s just awesome so ah well x3

  11. Blinky

    where is updates gone! :'(

  12. Ghostsword, Ayatollah of Kaja-Kola

    read blinky… READ!

  13. Catadin

    Where is our updates! Just because he writes it doesnt mean it justifies it!

    Like when people throw a party and write a note on the door…

  14. Taland

    I think my eyes just got incinerated…

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