She brought her paper of pain

At least she didn’t bring her Frightening Frisbee of Forced Fetching!

I will be taking Arena-Inside down for maintenance this coming weekend, but expect it back in action on wednesday December 1st. Sadly this means that monday’s comic will be skipped, but I’ll find a way to make up for that.

During downtime I will see if I can get a bunch of plugins to work properly, except the rating system. Do we really want that back? Cataclysm launches soon, which may or may not force Modelviewer to misbehave, so I will just have to be prepared this round!

On the plus side: thursday comic!

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  1. Ghostsword, Ayatollah of Kaja-Kola

    no.. comic… until… december the 1st…..


    dam you arena and your powers of this dam good comic!!!!


    Downtime of Doom? Maintenance of Magnificence? Update of … erh …

  3. Isná

    Damn dogs.. they aint trained to fetch the paper. 😛

  4. Tristran

    Update of Unimportance? 😛


    I like that one 😛

  6. Anthaniel

    i dont mind the little waiting time, as they say; all good things are worth waiting for.

  7. BrunchofDoom

    Worgen…gotta catch ’em all!

  8. ExPaladin

    Little Red Ravenous Hood and the Newspaper of Pain? Hehehe 🙂

    I didn’t think she would hit them (him) in the head though 😀

  9. Blankschøn

    Redhood, back in Ninja Gnome style xD
    Really nice one 😉

    Whats next? A Goblin Space Crew Comic? xD

  10. Zindurn

    Evaluating of evil

  11. Zindurn

    Evaluation of evil

  12. Catadin

    Update of Unimaginable pain

  13. GrifPL

    It’s little red ravenous hood NINJA ! RUN FOR YOUR LIFES WORGENS ! RUN ! 😀

  14. Random guy

    all shall fear the paper of pain

  15. Isná

    I wonder.. is that paper made out of canadian lumber? 😛

  16. Rofl


  17. Alixgirl

    I love all the rhyming in the last panel. FUNNY!

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