Once a hunter, always a hunter …

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  1. Ghostsword, Ayatollah of Kaja-Kola

    you turned them in rednecks…. uhm watch out arena 🙂 but more on topic. the face of that kid is PRICELESS

  2. BrunchofDoom

    I feel so sad for laughing at that Dogaclysm-joke : P

  3. Blinky

    stupid dogalysms
    P.S. hehe hes a smart redneck cuz he figured out what gnomes can do >:D

  4. ExPaladin

    What the heck is wrong with that kid?

  5. Kaladrian

    Arena-inside-guy have a strange fetiche with gnomes, as it seems. That, or the rednecks only have luck with little girls ;P

  6. Isná

    Next scene:
    Redhead redneck gnome chases worgen on a pickup truck. That while Joe pulls of a few notes on his ever so trustworthy [Banjo of Reduced Intellectual Prowess] (can only be equipped while drunk).


    Maybe it’s not a gnome, but just an inbred cousin 😛 You neeeever know.

  8. Ghostsword, Ayatollah of Kaja-Kola

    lol i start with redneck and now every 1 will keep it that 🙂 i have influence!!!

  9. Isná

    You calim that there was any other way of interpreting those characters? You mustve been smokin too much canadian lumber or something? 😛

  10. Isná


    Damn wtb edit options :p But i suppose that would require a login feature of some sort. 😛
    And about the gnome.. i still think its a gnome.. ive seen a pattern through your comics!
    Allthough.. maybe they’re all inbred cousins.. WAIT! Maybe there are no gnomes at all.. that jsut some made up thing.. maybe they’re all dragons.. but inbred.. so they cant get out of that stupid midget form!

  11. Alexander Cross

    i agree with Wrogue, they should stock up on moar biscuits 😮

  12. Ghostsword, Ayatollah of Kaja-Kola

    i don’t smoke candian lumber…. i turn them into nun-chucks and yell my avatar if i hit i wanna hit some 1. its SO MUCH easyer


    Well then … Cataclysm struck … will be interesting to see if Modelviewer still works …



  15. Ghostsword, Ayatollah of Kaja-Kola


  16. Gargoyle200

    The Shattering has arrived and…. Dog-aclysm -_- laaaammmeee xD 😛

  17. Ghostsword, Ayatollah of Kaja-Kola

    very lame miss … night… elf…. woman… thingy… uhm…

    FREE CARD!!!!!! ( poker night at the inventory. best poker game in the world 🙂 )

  18. Xaesun

    love that kids face 😀

  19. Catadin

    I would like to comment…

  20. Catadin

    I now have…

  21. Catadin


  22. Catadin

    trice..! wait… where does this stop… lets just say fourth now

  23. B.O.B

    Strange! deranged! demented! child!

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