Those bedtime stories will give you nightmares.

It was either Woofina or Barkarella. Okay, maybe not so much. Bacon!

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  1. BrunchofDoom


  2. Zeraal

    Hey… and later what? the Bacon was that really good?

    Alternative Coment

    Peter and the Worgen…
    peter said it was a new race. The worgen, the worgen! he screams and everyone logout to make one but wasnt updated still… later he was banned for spam

  3. Random guy

    Little Red Ravenous Hood sounds like a reference to the comic World of Questcraft to me 😮

  4. Blinky

    lolz bacon biscuit ^^

  5. Blankschøn

    Forbidden Creatues – Behold the Worgen Eating Gnomes!

  6. ExPaladin


    …-en. 🙂

    Damn uneducated kid.

  7. B.O.B

    I worgon are scared of little red riding hood. LOL

  8. :p

    i agree with you, random guy :p
    + gimme next :<

  9. Catadin

    why do the male not have pupils when the female does?

  10. Gargoyle200

    :O I was told that story when I was a little kiddie winkle. I still have nightmares *shudders*

  11. Ghostsword, Ayatollah of Kaja-Kola

    this 1 was kind of… meh? it needs more…


  12. Frostsaben

    Bacon… I smell bacon… there’s bacon over this wall, do you smell bacon? That kid has bacon! Get him! Get the bacon kid!

  13. Catadin

    i dont completly get this one… but i think the male worgen is funneh as hell the way he just keep talking about random stuff

    also the worg thing could be the start of a new arc the way it is atm 😛

  14. Blinky

    hehe 🙂
    worg-an humans togetha 😛
    just thought of that xD

  15. ExPaladin

    Hmm. You’re right. Females have pupils but males don’t. That’s an interesting design.

    Perhaps they have a design to make female worgen look like plushies? The early art suggested that 😀


    Just a quick heads up to the sleep depraved people that monday’s comic will be uploaded monday evening.

  17. ghostsword, ayatollah of kaja-kola

    do you see us complain arena? else they…


  18. Dallanna

    I get it!

    ‘The Boy who Cried Worg.’

    Haha! I’m so funny.

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