Life of a Worgen

So who’s planning on playing as a Worgen in Cataclysm?

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  1. Metus

    I plan to play a Worgen, a Worgen Mage. :3

  2. Henry

    I’m gonna play a Woblin! πŸ˜€ (For reference, see Dark Legacy Comics)

  3. Ghostsword, Ayatollah of Kaja-Kola

    hahaha best rouge class chain in the game πŸ™‚

  4. Rohan

    really good one πŸ˜‰

  5. B.O.B

    I wanna be a WORGEN druid!

  6. ghostsword, ayatollah of kaja-kola

    arena maybe a weird request but ever thought of using characters of your “fans” for the comic? because i think catadin would make a excellent new blonde πŸ™‚

  7. ghostsword, ayatollah of kaja-kola

    and yea ha ha… i put a e behind it but thats dutch nature.

  8. BlankschΓΈn

    What else than totally awesome can I say? πŸ˜€

  9. ghostsword, ayatollah of kaja-kola

    you can say totally totally awsome?

  10. ExPaladin

    A slow wolf is a hungry wolf. Just do your agility training πŸ˜€

    Us in Arena-Inside comic? I like your idea, Ghostsword. πŸ™‚

    But how?

  11. ghostsword, ayatollah of kaja-kola

    give him a link of your armory?

  12. ghostsword, ayatollah of kaja-kola

    with modelviewer he can just copy paste our characters easy


    While I appreciate the interest, I don’t think it’d be the brightest of ideas to select a handful of fans and ridicule them in the comics πŸ˜› I prefer humiliating fictional characters (apart from humiliating my old premade, that is.)

  14. Ghostsword, Ayatollah of Kaja-Kola

    ah come on i wanna see Expaladin in the comic? as a drunkard!


    You can always pretend that he rerolls a biscuit-hungry Worgen. πŸ™‚

  16. BrunchofDoom

    Good thing nobody ran through on their Chopper. Otherwise the poor dog would start chasing it, barking like mad : ]

  17. JuJu

    MOCK ME MOCK ME pleeeease mock me! juju the troll sells her sweat!

  18. Nariya

    Suddenly i feel pity for the mailmen of Gilneas…

  19. Dallanna

    It’s those big circular eyes that makes me love this comic so much.

    Thank you for making this and being so consistent.

  20. Catadin

    Id love to be new blonde… im danish after all <3

    My worgen should be named Worglock

  21. Catadin

    u should make more faceroll pages…

    im also currently lvling in nagrand i came across the elemental called Gurrok the Usurper… i mean… with Varian the possibilites are endless!

  22. Blinky


  23. ExPaladin

    Me as a drunkard, explaining the history of Azeroth (and other planets) in great detail? Sounds interesting. πŸ˜€

  24. GrifPL

    This is human inside ? Soo why is running for cookie ? πŸ˜€

  25. Ghostsword, Ayatollah of Kaja-Kola

    duh grifPL he is joining the dark side… they got free cookies πŸ™‚

  26. ExPaladin

    The cookies on the dark side come with dark chocolate chips πŸ˜€

  27. Catadin

    cuz hes instincts tell him to totally eat biscuits…

  28. Ghostsword, Ayatollah of Kaja-Kola

    lol totally eat biscuit. must have been totalbiscuit then πŸ™‚

  29. Gargoyle200

    Hahahaha! xD Epik

  30. Dawnskinner

    Morghanna the Warlock – partly a tribute to a sadly missed, soppy boxer dog Hannah – now how emo is that?
    … roll back … erm … too many years…
    Imagine a bad thunderstorm. The lights go out. Suddenly there’s a “Whoomph” from my father’s chair as 40 pounds of a scaredy hound lands in his lap in a single bound!

    Can sooo totally imagine the “biscuit” response though *chuckles*

  31. Dawnskinner

    PS good job I can only play one char at a time, otherwise I might end up skinning myself…

  32. Kick

    it’s a super special awesome biscuit!…BACON!!!!!

  33. Cromdale

    Inside every Worgen there is a human trying to get out (Because he didn’t chew his food :D)

    While I admit a Worgen DK would look badass, I’m in no rush to play as one – mainly because I’ve got so many other options I want to go for! Chief among them a Troll Druid (which I’ve always wanted originally) and a Nelf Mage (Yes. I’ll actually DPS for once :P), maybe then a Gobbo Lock…
    Of course then I’d be neglecting my two original characters :(. Too many distractions

  34. ExPaladin

    Are goblins called gobbos these days?

    Funny. Considering that all of them lost their home in Kezan.

  35. Ghostsword, Ayatollah of Kaja-Kola

    make a comic page about deathy! ( since he has been sent today) and something about brain dead he thinks he is grunty. and school πŸ™‚

  36. ghostsword, ayatollah of kaja-kola

    yea i keep this one πŸ™‚

  37. Kiyo

    Worgen priest πŸ™‚

  38. ExPaladin

    Deathy grunty! ^^

    Ghostsword, what happened to your avatar? :S

  39. Ghostsword, Ayatollah of Kaja-Kola

    i changed it to canadian lumber! fool!!

  40. Ghostsword, Ayatollah of Kaja-Kola

    feel the WRATH of CANADIAN LUMBER, FOOL! (unforgotton realms ftw )

  41. Ghostsword, Ayatollah of Kaja-Kola

    i COULD change it back 2 hawke from DA2 but this is fun 2 πŸ˜‰

  42. ExPaladin

    Oh, there was a COMMA! That explains everything. I thought you switched your avatar to a picture saying “Feel the Wrath of Canadian Lumber Fool”.I thought that was silly.

    Commas are a great thing πŸ™‚

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