Finale – Part 2

And the ending draws near. Let’s just see what happened to the others … say, around wednesday or thursday 🙂

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  1. Garomaath

    1st! I’ve come back for you! LoL’d 😀

  2. CatadinBubbleQueen

    Epic 😀

  3. CatadinBubbleQueen

    What do Tirion say to all this? And did Iamshamangirl and Tyra get as they deserved? and what about JAY!

  4. GrifPL

    Anduin is owned by Bolvar. 😀 Bolvar is very angry. 😀

  5. Ghostsword, Ayatollah of Kaja-Kola

    oke cindy is realy making a perfect lich king 🙂 put all the bosses together, sending bolvar back home. giving tours.

  6. Kick

    hmmm i think Cindy looks a lot better 😀

  7. Blankschøn

    Oh god xD

    Anduin! I’ve come back for you!

  8. Erik Warhammer

    the world is doomed!



  9. Taland


    So THAT’S what happened to Bolvar!

  10. Gargoyle200

    Poor poor boy…. *gets popcorn*

  11. Zeraal

    At least didn’t happen when Andurin were a child xDD

  12. mywitisonstrike

    First time posting on this site,just wanted to say how much arenainside kicks ass!
    also..if lich-cindy unleashed bolvar upon an unsuspecting stormwind, probably dooming its residents..or at least anduin’s..erm..well im sure it was written to leave that to our imaginations…
    She probably didnt even know what she was doing, imagine what the scourge could have accomplished with any of the others leading them.. *gulp*

  13. B.O.B

    Who is the shadow of?

  14. lol

    Yeah, i think icc will be like a 60-man raid now that all the bosses are together.

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