Finale – Part 1

Monday’s comic will be uploaded monday evening, and then we should be back to proper schedule. While Modelviewer is still transforming certain models, into something resembling french christmas trees made of rusty metal,  the elf models are the least damaged and a solution has been found. Expect at least to see Cindy and Viola in these final pages (and possibly other characters, recycled from previous strips.)

The next arc will consist of whatever works, and stories will evolve from that point and beyond, while we keep our fingers crossed for continued support of Modelviewer.

Thanks for your patience (and in the absence of patience, you should have gone for a walk instead!)

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  1. BRLP

    Eh, what happened to the blood prince guy?

  2. CatadinBubbleQueen

    what about the rest of the armor!? It makes you invincible!

    Hurray for Cindy!

  3. CatadinBubbleQueen

    I wonder if she will invite the other over for ice coffee…

    Now cindy can simply walk into mordor too

  4. Ghostsword, Ayatollah of Kaja-Kola

    ah nerzhul 🙂 he will always be that little voice in your head that will tell you to kill stuff 🙂

  5. Zeraal

    What would happen if you wear the Lich King helmet (Ner’zhul) at the Skull of Gul’dan?

  6. falgeolt

    they never fixed that teleport XD

  7. Blankschøn


  8. Davros

    Best “evil”character boss type Ever! Yeah Ever!

  9. Ladon

    I prefered the old Cyndy, she was hotter sigh…
    And that speaking from someone with a Dk as main…

  10. Arctica

    You would get a fusion in which Saurfang was cre *cleaving noises*

  11. ExPaladin

    Ner’zhul was already gone though… :S

  12. GrifPL

    Błah Epic Ending. 😀

  13. Dreadbear

    Cindy, how come you dont have some nice DK armor?:D also, nice eyes, they look like mine 😀

  14. Gargoyle200

    ^^ Cindy your face looks thinner than ever

  15. B.O.B

    LOL! He looks scared.

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