Part 50

Monday’s comic will be uploaded around the evening tomorrow. On a brighter note, I just renewed the hosting subscription. Guess we’re stuck with AI for another year :]

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  1. Catadin


  2. Ghostsword, Ayatollah of kaja-kola

    WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT wait wait wait… wait. cindy casted a healing spell!!!!!

    omg omg tab 3! look look! its holy light!

  3. Ghostsword, Ayatollah of kaja-kola

    and hehe blood and thunder puts a part of arena-inside in there comic and you place cecil from blood and thunder in arena-inside comic 🙂
    you are a nice guy arena

  4. Blinky

    nice comic and great throwback to blood and thunder 😀

  5. GrifPL

    What ? Cindy best healer ? I don’t get it. 😀

  6. Davros

    WHAT?! Cindy showing a piece of intelligence?

  7. ExPaladin

    Ahahahaha! Brilliant 😀

  8. Kick

    Yaaaay these comics awesome! and i would like to try that lay on hands with her 😛

  9. Blankschøn

    The last one totally says it – Awesome 😀

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