Part 42

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  1. Ilikepie


  2. LAWLD

    Short one
    Keep up the work

  3. Davros

    I think she’s Bored…

  4. Givian

    LOL she is like me xD

  5. erye

    must say, the blood elf really does make blonds look foolish, she actually resembles some girls from my class

  6. Rose

    At first I serious’d. But then I lol’d.

  7. ExPaladin

    I was something like that when I was on raids. I got bored and took out my PSP to play Dissidia. Needless to say, I wasn’t able to pay 100% attention to what happened while we were waiting 😀

    I wonder how Jay accepted the frie- oh wait. Nevermind.

  8. Dawnskinner

    I wonder when the dragons are going to realise that the player’s definition of “the best healers” isn’t quite as intended….?

  9. guywhoknowswhathotis

    viola and dragon = parents cindy = child xD

  10. BOB

    Viola is right. She is an addict.

  11. B.O.B

    Thats one cool dragan!

  12. B.O.B

    I mean dragon!

  13. Weirdo


  14. Kaladrian

    By the Light! She is bored! What we gonna do???

  15. Garkalos of Nagrand

    Well, we could… go fish?

  16. kaladrian

    No thats also boring. What you think, Sarbok?

  17. Sarbok

    SHUT UP! im still sad with the fact Muradin stole ma whisky. >-<

  18. Garkalos of Nagrand

    You could go fish. It will make you happy. 🙂

  19. Sarbok

    I still have to know what’s your obsession for fishing….

  20. Garkalos of Nagrand

    I like fish! 🙁

  21. Kaladrian

    Guys, we aren’t focusing in the most important.

  22. Sarbok

    And WHAT is more important than booze?!?!

  23. kaladrian

    Know how this going to end for the girls… -_<

  24. Sarbok

    Oh… Well… I… ACH the dragon will win!!

  25. Kaladrian

    Thanks for trying… Well, hope Viola wins 🙂

  26. Garkalos of Nagrand

    And what about kill some cultists? Its fun.

  27. Kaladrian

    Well… ok 😛

  28. Sarbok

    Its on! STOUT!!! (bear growl) We have work to do! (bear roar) AH! Thats da spirit! Who’s a big boy? Who’s a big boy? (bear growls again) Thats right, you. What this beef? (bear nods) No you don’t. Its MINE! (bear makes a roar and bash the dwarf) OH! Alrigh, alright!!! Take it! (bear eats the beef) Great, now i dont have lunch…

  29. Garkalos of Nagrand

    We could always go fi-

  30. Sarbok

    NO! We will not go fish. So shut up and lets kill cultists!

  31. Kaladrian

    /sigh -_-

  32. Blinky

    awesome comic Oo at comments…. wen did this turn into a chat room?

  33. Catadin

    i can se the faceroll update:

    Cindy: is getting elfnapped by Tyra, taking forever to get whereever we are going
    Comment from Tyra: Well, if you had not ate so much it would be easier!
    Comment from Jay: Tyra, you think im pretty right?

  34. Catadin

    stupid gravatar!… where can i get Cindy on facebook?

  35. Catadin

  36. Catadin


  37. Davros

    Cindy is not on Facebook she’s on Faceroll.

  38. Catadin

    Bah! still, i wish there would be another Facroll page… it was so damm epic!

    I also miss the random comments from the participants…

    /add Bubbleprincess on Faceroll

  39. CindyBubblePrincess

    LOL, maybe u should look forward to tomorrow’s comic then xD
    Uh uh, and we will comment when we have some more time.


    Cindy, don’t spoil!

  41. Catadin

    Oh Cindy lets be BFF! If we shower together we can make it a bubblebath!

  42. CindyBubblePrincess

    Blessing of Freedom Friends? LOL not into that 😀

  43. Catadin

    BBFF: Best Bubble Friends Forever

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