Pardon the extended maintenance, but it was time for a slight overhaul of the site. As a small comfort, the latest comic is available.

PATCH 1.1.1

Assault on the site

A couple of new useless features have been implemented; they might take a while to get accustomed to, but I’m confident they will grow on you. Not literally, naturally, but … never mind. The design has been modified slightly, and any remaining bugs and quirks will be sorted out at some point. I hope you’ll like the changes 🙂


Updated text here and there
Enabled RSS feeds in the menubar (no idea if it works, bear with me on this one)
Enabled some fancy navigation
Enabled a search tool; I’ll strive to remember tagging comics with keywords, in the future.
Made a fancy background, that probably won’t look good on small resolutions.


Implementing Facerollbook was a tough decision; albeit its limited in use, if you’re someone who enjoy LIKING stuff on Facebook, and if you accidentally like this website …

The fanpage will not only be a way to identify fellow WoW addicts reading comics, but it will… oh, I guess that’s all its good for.

Provided its not a violation of any copyright, shorter stand-alone comics may be uploaded to the fanpage at some time in the future.


The Dictionary you’ll find in the top menu, is a small project on the side. It hosts an ever-growing compilation and interpretation of all the abbrevations we can think of. Feel free to conjure up more, and they will be added to the list.


As always, typing in your e-mail anywhere on this site is optional, and it will be kept private. E-mails are only required for displaying an avatar. The avatars (or Gravatars in this case)  is a purely aesthe… aestit… aesthett… cool way to distinct yourself, in comments.

Special thanks goes to Thené and Bladeblitz for beta-testing.