Part #1

Who’s gonna be Azeroth’s Next Top Healer?!?!!!11  *Hysterical screaming*

Bear with me, it was either this topic for the next few comics or “Azeroth got talent”,  “X-roads Factor”  or “So you think you can raid?” … all terrible choices. Yep.

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  1. Hysterical

    *Hysterical screaming* ^^

  2. LOLOL


  3. Blarg

    *even more Hysterical Screaming*

    Another great one, this will be intresting!

  4. Ema

    awesome xD

  5. Lightsunnl

    Go Viola, Druid FTW xD

    (cant imagine how “So you think you can raid?” wil go, must be a huge repair bill afterwords!

  6. Rhesusfactor

    I vote for Viola. She’s HoT! *Badam-Dish!*

  7. Gnomeform

    Awesome. Pure win 😛
    Frame 6/7 -The shit
    Looking forward to the next one :>

  8. Ved

    i love it! go on! go on! 😀

  9. Rieta

    i rly hate the real show ‘america’s next top model’… fucking bitches whining about everything crying about everything every minute ‘ouch you stepped on my toe, CRYYYYY WAAAAH for 2 hours…’

  10. Rieta

    on the other hand awesome comicz <3

  11. Rose

    Has anyone noticed that Viola the druid looks almoste *exactly* like the elf in the comercial for Playstation vs. WII? *snickers*
    Eee! *more hysterical screaming* Mail from Tyra!

  12. roflcake

    damn this was awesome 😀

  13. Rhesusfactor

    @Rieta, absolutely agree. But somehow the bitching and internal fighting is what makes it all worth it. Plus I still find it extremely silly how they always go into ecstatic-rage every time they’ve got mail.
    Awesome comic, really. Looking forward to the next chapter ; )

    And go Viola!!

  14. alktroy

    i agree with the guy ho said america next top model its always about skinny types -_- some of my girl friends think they are fat because of this show :/

  15. Rofl

    Lamshamangirl ftw “I will PWN all those noobs and win! girls can’t even heal properl… I mean… Hi my name is Lamshamangirl…” best part of it

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