Part #14 – Finale

And so our heroes would escape the clutches of wretched Silvermoon. As our story arc meets its untimely end, we are happy to announce that during Blinky’s survival, no important cities were harmed.

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  1. Blinky

    no important cities were harmed……. so he destroyed silvermoon right? lol this was a good one. sad to see it go tho :'(. i remember predicting the story arch back at teenage mutant ninja murlocks. now wat was that song again? 😀

  2. Lorthemar

    Excuse me… Im Lorthemar…..
    So funny ;p

  3. Paleskin

    D’aaaaw, the poor elfie.

  4. Zindurn

    You has 1337 Haxx0rs Eye-Blink.
    Great arc ^^

  5. Helene

    Apparantly Silvermoon may get destroyed the second time.

  6. Lightsunnl

    Seems like Warlock Summonstone whent OP for a sec there! xD
    would be awsome too summon a beast that way *evil grin*

    keep up with the awsome comics =)

  7. Blarg

    aww… i love happy endings!

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