Part #13

And thus we’re nearing the end of this all too brief story arc. Will we ever see Blinky, the blinking gnome again? Is the shaman’s hair real or fake? Will the warlock get healed in time? Why are they all in Silvermoon? Will they succeed getting Gladiator status, or will their team break apart? Stay tuned!

One could, but probably shouldn’t, explain the malplaced CSI meme.


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  1. Blinky

    oh and about the healer doing damage yesterday when i was at marrowgar in icc 10 with the guild one of the healers was a little confused. went shadowform and was supposed to heal main tank ><
    long story short cleave makes tanks squishy 😛

  2. Blinky

    oh yea did we miss something? it says part 14 wen last time it was part 12 ?

  3. Anonymous

    YEEAAAAH!! 😀

  4. Zindurn

    Nope. Arena inside just cant count :>

  5. Zaaeri

    Part 13 was boring anyway ^^

  6. syphiel

    their relationship would never last and Gruul was… *puts on shades* … shattered. YEEAAAAH! 😉

  7. Zindurn

    BTW. Awesome arch. I love frame 4 :>
    Keep up the good work!

  8. Zindurn

    ..And please make blinky die in a pit of ….pitlords and fire..

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