Anyone who watched Avatar and play WoW have probably thought ‘Nagrand!’

Good movie though : )

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  1. Eye-Patch

    hehe i luv this one 😀 almost pissed my pants at the ‘MOOveh’ part xD
    blue tauren shammy pwns

    oh ye ‘first’

  2. Rose

    How did you know I thought “Amagad, that looks just like Outlands!” when I first saw Pandora? That’s creepy ^^
    I love the comic – great work xD

  3. Gargoyle200

    LOVE Avatar!!

  4. JamesOfBDF

    don’t ruin it for me! seeing it in 3Dz this weekend!

  5. Cowseye

    I actually think it looks a lot more like Zangarmarsh, but that’s just me :p


    Maybe its a mix between Nagrand, Zangarmarsh… and Aminatar’s area from the Ahn’Kahet instance? I think we’re on to something! Damn, now I want to watch the movie again : )

  7. Mr.Zindurn

    Wait wait. is there a summonding stone in darnassus?


  8. Gargoyle200

    I saw that too… There’s supposed to be an Ancient of War. Arena Inside, explain yourselves!


    Naturally it is safe to assume that it’s a petrified Ancient…that shrunk…and………… Look! Behind you! *Invisibility*

  10. Lol

    ahah! ” a petrified ancient”!

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