Horrorscopes – Part 9

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  1. Neokyag

    kek! srsly, what a failure. Tbh, i’d drown myself anyway, if i’d rolled a human! i mean, that would be like a frostmage trying to pick an orc DK off, from the ramparts of WG! ….oh wait -_-

  2. Paladoradin

    Let them die, all Death Knights deserve this to happen to them, all wankers, humans or not. Let them die! (Again!)

  3. QFred

    I find Rose should survive, due to being competent (competence = win). About Jack, I think he could be saved by a new char or sorts, further improving the arc and you could always let him die in the end.

  4. JamesOfBDF

    pfft, let him corpse run or be bugged and end up in the barrens like the rest of us when we autorun into fatigue!
    i wouldn’t care if i was him anyway, she’s a DK so she’s too heartless to make you a sandwich the morning after 🙂

  5. Ydrisselle

    Jack should die. Such a noob, seriously…

  6. samori

    Why let Rose die now? She is a funny character when she is mad :p. I wanna know what happens if she marries the balance turkey. Wonder whats on her menu for thanks giving…

  7. James Raynor

    kill em all!!! ;P

  8. Ghost

    I say let them both live, wouldn’t want rose to have to end up with the balance druid <.<

  9. zaariel

    gief distateful romantic ending!

  10. Norrsken

    Let Jack live for another comic strip! But no romantic end, plz =) I see death!

  11. vettigeswa

    hard to kill whats undead tbh 😛

    nice comic so far!

  12. Rhesusfactor

    happy ending ofc.
    eternal undead love never dies

    and I had hoped for a scene in which Jack was chased around the ship by a boomkin : (

  13. Neokyag

    tbh, i wouldn’t have minded if he’d ganked a legion of gat ginger dorf palas on his way out! (loev u too, paladoranub!)

  14. flame

    let em both live and the n have the balance drood chase them around and moon fire them constantly 😛

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