Horrorscopes – Part 8

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  1. JamesOfBDF

    first 😀
    loving the Northrend Ocean Trade channel, kinda reminds you of barrens doesn’t it…
    keep up the epic for some waffles!

  2. QFred

    OMG, you, sir, are a genius. The horroscopes thingie is awesome. Also, I love how this particular story is unfolding.

    I’ve been watching the comic for a while, and I’ll keep an eye on it.

    Awesome job.

  3. Azui

    Flawless at first skim through, surprisingly deep at the second. PLEASE keep it up 😛

    Great job anyway, not one dull comic so far imo.

  4. Blarg

    I lol’ed…. Lol.

  5. Lonehwolf

    LMFAO <3 the chat. Loved the Mistell part xD

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