While Cindy, Britzy and Viola are struggling to comprehend the evil afoot, the evil is in turn struggling to kill them. Vulnerable to light and a deux ex demonhunter known as Loot, the demonic half-murlocs have only managed to kill a one contestant on-screen; which unfortunately was little more than an alt. While murlocs generally pose no threat, a hidden mechanical device is actively blocking certain spells from being cast, and certain abilities from being used.

Hired by Goblin producer Godiva to spice things up, the evil Iamshamangirl and that Warlock dude are desperate for blood, before the show is cancelled by an unknown force only known as The Network. With fire. Iamshamangirl musters his/her connections and has called forth the mighty Exodar, reasoning that its unpopularity is the perfect Stealth Drive. In its shadow, the warlock’s agents of destruction, the half-demonic murlocs, are able to prey upon the unfortunate contestants.

Meanwhile, the ever-vigilant agents, of the organization only known as Moo In Black, have their own agenda. They are determined to bring an end to the Draenei alien menace, that began in the wake of The Burning Crusade. Having infiltrated Exodar the alien Mothership, agent N unintentionally devours important guiding systems.

Unaccounted for is a dwarf, whose only function in this particular story is to provide the setup for the final pun, once the story ends, and a flimsy female warrior going by the name of Fiona, who may or may not be a Werewolf or a Worgen. Seriously, who can tell those creatures apart? Hired as a covert operative by the agents of Moo in Black, Fiona has worked in secrecy, until recent events led other events which led to a temper tantrum. As a result, Fiona has decided to take matters into her own hands – paws? – and is roaming the jungle, searching for clues.

Thus concludes the third update this week, and I hope to continue this epic  rare saga sometime next week.