Next comic will be due around next friday/saturday. And in the spirit of the recent discussion of secret meanings, I shall delve into the secret meaning of this one.

Today’s comic is about the tendency in modern reality television. It opens with a light joke about the competitive nature often found in reality shows. It is hardly surprising that the producer cares little about her contestants. Viewers want drama. The misfortunes of the contestants attract more viewers and more sponsors. The producer becomes the symbol of modern marketing schemes: Maximize profit at the expense of people.

Viola glares at the reader. Is the reader composing the same thoughts or merely giggling as the producer brushes the topic aside? She wonders.

The male nightelf’s body is found in an odd position. The human female, Fiona, is obviously upset. Once again the producer directs her own attention away from the contestants. The panels are divided. It is a remark about breaking the fourth wall, but in this case the producer is most likely concerned about the budget. 50% of the panels are redundant.

Finally the producer orders the ship to set sails, with a lens flare in her eye for profit. Sadly she finds herself more involved with the contestants than she would have prefered. Is this a remark on the notion that a producer will eventually be in the same boat as the reality contestants she sought to exploit?

I jest, there is no secret meaning. I made it all up on the spot. Just as I make every comic up on the spot.